About Us

What was in the beginning?

We fell in love with steel tongue drum when we saw it for the first time at an ethnic festival in Siberia where we had the honor of learning everything about playing and crafting these wonderful drums from a talented musician and drum maker named Pasha Bochkarev.

We were captivated by the celestial sounds and beautiful form of the drum.

But what struck us deeply was the fact that with no skill or preparation at all, every person who got one in their hands could instantly play beautiful music!

We grew up in Russia where almost every household had a guitar in it. Not just listening, but playing music was part of the lifestyle.

We believe that now when there’s so much focus on technological change and advancements, music that’s accessible for all to play and enjoy is necessary for balance, expression, and connection in our lives.

We envision these modern drums to be the everyday instrument of the 21st century, to take people on the healing and meditative journeys, promote connection with Self, tap into creativity and forget the routine of everyday life. It’s our mission to share them with the world.

Handmade UFO Drums collection

Since 2013, we’ve been thoughtfully creating these instruments in Bali, the Island of Gods, where nature and spirituality are part of everyday life and have influenced our handmade UFO Drums collection.

It was an evolutionary process of modifying the shape and perfecting each unique sound combined with a team that we are very proud to be part of.

And we met a lot of great talented people participated this project in different periods, helped us a lot to build the dream, which works also a good sign for us – means that we are working on a Right mission).


Later on we launched production of vegan UFO bags. Upcycled car inner tubes from outside and handmade Javanese batik inside. We wanted to create the bags that are made in purpose that affects our environment in positive way and makes lives of customers a bit more stylish.

During the past 8 years of the UFO drums production we travelled a lot meeting new amazing people and shared our experiences. We had a dream to connect all those artists and their wonderful unique and sustainably made products. And here is it – we created UFO store where you can choose goods that we trust and use in our everyday lives. We chose authorship, kindness and eco-friendly materials as opposed to mass market , tons of plastic and product oriented businesses.

We glad that you choosing convenient and conscious shopping with us! Let’s make difference together!