What Is Pentatonic musical system and how it's influence on people?

The name pentatonic has been derived from the ancient Greek language and it means “five”. Pentatonic music is made by having one octave that is made up of five notes. The pentatonic musical scale despite the irregular intervals between them has an amazing sound. It is very easy to get the pentatonic musical scale on the keyboard or piano, all you need to do is to press the black keys.

What is the Origin of Pentatonic musical scale?

Pentatonic musical scales have been used since time immemorial. It was used by the Greek, during the times of the famous Greek philosopher named Pythagoras. This was around 560B.C. During this age, there were no pianos, violins nor guitars. The only musical instruments that were tuned to produce pentatonic musical notes were flutes that were carved out of bones of birds that were hollow. In those historical times, the number five was important for a number of reasons.

It was believed to be the number of men. This was demonstrated through some of the literary works of the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci. He did a masterpiece in drawing the Vitruvian Man.

Most of the people from the Pythagorean tribe used to wear jewelry that was shaped like a pentacle with Greek markings meaning “health”. This meant that the number 5 represented good health and prosperity.

The Greek then believed that the solar system had 5 planets from which the musical pentatonic system was derived. Pythagoras, the Greek scholar named it the “Music of Spheres” theory.

What are the features of the Pentatonic Musical scale?

Pentatonic in the teaching of music is composed of two scales. These are the major and minor scales. The major scale is the anchor of all the other musical scales. The intervals on a major pentatonic music scale is simply numbered 1-8.

Minor scales are made up of five notes that form the major scale on the pentatonic scale. Most composers of music use the pentatonic musical scales because of the effect it has on the quality of music so produced.

What are the effects of the pentatonic musical system?

Healing power of the pentatonic musical scale.

Throughout history, scholars have conducted research and many great minds have come to a common conclusion of the effects of pentatonic music scales on the human mind, body and soul. The pentatonic musical scale has been used by many cultures like the Greek, Chinese, Greek and Hindu who all believe that the pentatonic music tones have healing power. The pentatonic musical notes have been known to have a therapeutic effect on the mind, making it release hormones that relieve stress. This has been utilized by the Pythagoreans who discovered this effect of the pentatonic musical scale on the human mind, body and soul.

The pentatonic musical scale heightens our spirituality.

The pentatonic musical scale has been discovered to also increase your spiritual awareness. This makes it a very powerful and effective spiritual tool that you can use to connect with your inner being. It can be a great tool that you can use for personal development and spiritual healing. The Hindus have been using the pentatonic musical scales in their mantras that they chant. Similarly, the ancient tribe of the Sufi uses the pentatonic music system as a way of purification. They believe that the pentatonic notes have the effect of taking all the heaviness from a man’s soul and frees him, hence purifies. Among the Chinese, the pentatonic musical tones do have an untold effect on the mind, body and soul. This is because it has no tension as it has no regular tones. The Greek, follow the Pythagoras discovery that the pentatonic musical scale is closely related to the unity in the cosmic energy. The Jews and Christians have also appreciated the fact the pentatonic musical scale elevates their worship and songs with the pentatonic tones allow an easier connection to their maker.

What can interesting music be played using the pentatonic musical scale?

Romantic Jazz music.

The pentatonic musical scale is widely used in the production of romantic music, especially romantic jazz music. A very good example is the kind of romantic jazz that is produced by Thelonius Monk. The sound produced is remarkable and stirs up something in the audience almost immediately. That is the effect of the pentatonic musical notes in the romantic jazz. The sound that the pentatonic musical tones produce is indescribable and simply gives a feeling out of this world.

The Negro spiritual songs.

The spiritual songs that were written by the Negros during historical times, were all done using the pentatonic musical system. This is proof of the fact that the pentatonic musical system increases the level of our spirituality. Songs like the “Amazing Grace” were originally done in the pentatonic musical scales. Most spirituals are played on the black key, which is the pentatonic musical system.


Guitarists also play classic blues on the pentatonic musical scales. Some amazing guitarists like Eric Clapton play using the pentatonic scale and it has a great impact on the audience. This is the same experience shared by musicians who play soft romantic blues as well.

Rock music.

Rock music has also been produced in the pentatonic musical scale. The irregular notes when hit using the pentatonic system simply makes the fans of rock go wild during live performances.

In a nutshell, pentatonic musical scales have been seen to influence people in a number of ways. It has profound benefits as we have seen, it helps to lower stress levels, heals your body, mind and soul due to the therapeutic effect. Many different cultures around the world appreciate the pentatonic musical system. They include the Hindu, who believe in its healing power, the Chinese, who appreciate the effect of the pentatonic vibration on the body, mind and soul. The Greek appreciate Pythagoras’ teachings that the pentatonic musical scale aligns our souls to be in line with the cosmic energy. The pentatonic music system is definitely going to have positive effects on you.