Sound Healing With Steel Tongue Drum – HOW IT WORKS?



Everything in this universe is in a constant state of motion, (which in scientific terms is called as entropy i.e. molecular vibrations of the system) definitely including our bodies. This means that every organ, tissue or a cell has a “healthy” resonant frequency.

lf this frequency changes, the organ begins to beat out from the general harmonious chord which signifies the presence of a disease. The disease can also be cured by sending a healthy pulse of this frequency. This means if we restore the natural frequency, the body itself will start to heal.

Music, in which sounds and rhythms are subject to the laws of harmony (consonance), has a beneficial effect on the health and develop humans and all living beings, this has been proved by science. As a matter of fact, the principle of resonance is at the heart of all known types of sound therapies.

The correspondence of the frequencies of sound to the structure of the tissues and organs of humans and the musical rhythm to the rhythms of the processes of vital activities leads to the fact that sound and music, on the principle of acoustic resonance, exert a very profound multifaceted impact on virtually all the functions of the body (circulation, digestion, internal secretion, the activity of the nervous system and brain). This, in turn, has a deep impact on the spiritual development of the person, his feelings, emotions, and desires.