How UFO drum is made (And why it's different from other pan drums)

UFO Drum is made in Bali, the Island of Gods.

Material. The drums are made from carbon steel tempered with fire at 300 °C. This means two things: first, the drum is strong and tough. You can safely travel with it, or hand it over to your child, without fear that it may break. Second, and most important — the drum stays in tune forever (as long as laws of physics hold those carbon atoms together). 

Tuning. The drum requires no extra tuning. Each and every drum is hand-tuned by craftsmen from the Royal Gamelan Orchestra of Indonesia. This is a dynasty of artisans that have been making orchestral percussions for generations. 

Design. We spent over 10 years perfecting the drum, this was an evolutionary process of fine-tuning the shape of steel tongues and every sound combination. We are proud of our creation: UFO Drum is the most lightweight drum with the most powerful sound on the market.

Responsibilty. Each drum is crafted with careful attitude towards people and nature. Our artists receive fair wage and we yearly donate a part of our profits to charity. We believe that thoughts hold power and we craft our drums with pure intentions. Spirituality is a part of everyday life for everyone on our team.

How is UFO Drum different from other steel tongue drums? You can make a steel tongue drum from a discarded propane tank. Technology for producing cheaper steel tongue drums is quite close to that. The thing is — a gas tank sounds like a gas tank. There are no overtones, no vibrations, they require extra tuning and then again go out of tune, they bend and break. 

In the meantime, UFO Drum is a professional grade instrument that everyone can play.