How to play the UFO drum

Anyone can play the UFO Drum.

No matter how you play the UFO Drum, it always sounds harmonious. That is because the instrument is tuned within the pentatonic scale, meaning that any tongue combo sounds harmonious together.

UFO drum can be played

  • with hands, or
  • with drumsticks (mallets).




    Place the drum on your lap, on a surface, or on a rubber ring (included with your drum).

    Hold drumsticks using matched grip, which means both hands are in a similar downturned position. 

    The best way to play the UFO Drum for beginners is to simply hit the drum tongues and enjoy the melody you create. You will come up with different rhythm patterns and melodies. You can play an infinite number of patterns.

    Pro note: the shorter the contact with the drum surface is — the deeper and longer overtones you produce. You can tap, you can hit; imagine that your fingers or mallets are a tennis ball bouncing back up from the drum surface.

    For advanced techniques, check out our YouTube channel.

    UFO Drum maintenance is simple: just wipe the drum from time to time, inside and out. You may use natural oils to help prevent corrosion. Protect the drum from bumps and scratches. And simply enjoy it!