How we make our steel tongue drum (UFO Drum)

Every one of our unique drums has been hand-tuned by an experienced musical instrument master with well over 20 years experience of musical instruments making. We produce our steel musical instrument in the ‘Island of Gods’ – Bali. Our masters family for the continuation of many generations making pearls of Asian music -musical instruments for Royal Orchestra ” Gamelan.” Using centuries-old traditions of making great percussion instruments now, they create modern drums for us!

All the drums are quenched in the fire at 300 degrees for 10 minutes for more durable metal

and for a long time keeping the tonality of the drum.

For more than four year experience of making UFO drums we have carefully crafted the shape of it to provide you highest quality sound in the compact slinky body.

Each of the steel tongues (leaves) delicately shaped as a trapezoid – to make it easier for you to hit the center and to extract a clear bright sound from the instrument with a light touch!

Each drum is carefully handmade in just the right shape and tone, and we take care to provide only highest quality instruments on the market.

UFO drum – share positive vibes!