UFO Wallet

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80 $

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Classic wallet.

Urban. Unisex. Stylish.

Eco-friendly. Hand made in Bali with native Indonesian batik lining.

Built to last from recycled car inner tubes.

Six pockets including one for coins. Fits twelve cards and one of your favourite photos.

19x10cm / 7.5x4in.

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Made in purpose that affects our environment in a positive way and makes life of our customers even more stylish.





Recycled UFO Upcycling

Recycled UFO Upcycling

UFO Wallet

Waterproof strong and stylish wallet that you will be proud to own.

The art of upcycling

UFO Wallet are handmade on the beautiful island of Bali, where nature and spirituality are a part of everyday life. On Bali, the locals live their lives with a respectful, careful attitude towards nature, and the same goes for our bags. Our UFO bags aren’t just stylish, they are also kind to the environment.

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    Eco-friendly. Upcycled from used car inner tubes. Lined with handmade Indonesian Batik.

    Classic designed unisex rectangular durable backpack from eco-friendly leather.

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    Every bag has its unique pattern design, which allows to upcycle maximum amounts of material and emphasize your personality.

    Size: 35x45cm / 14x18in

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3 reviews for UFO Wallet

  1. Julia

    Very nice wallet! Looks gorgeous. Organized very well, really, i am absolutely happy. My not vegan sister wants to order one for herself because it looks fantastic. Love it. Thank you.

  2. Lucas

    I bought this wallet absolutely spontaneously. I thought I would regret it, but I have been wearing it for several months and I like it as much as when I first saw it on the website. I guess I’m going to buy a belt and Sugar bag in the same eco-friendly style soon.

  3. Lily

    I ordered two purses for myself and my mom. We both really like them. Cute design and very unusual execution. My friends ask what it is made of, and I tell them it’s made of tires. They are surprised, many are delighted, because they understand how important is it to recycle for the environment.

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