“Turtle” backpack

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128 $

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Stylish unisex round backpack.

Fits UFO drum.

Fits UFO drum.

Eco-friendly. Upcycled from used car inner tubes. Lined with handmade Indonesian Batik.

Stylish unisex round backpack with adjustable straps, includes one small inside pocket and one large to fit UFO drum or laptop.

Diameter: 44cm / 17in.

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Made in purpose that affects our environment in a positive way and makes life of our customers even more stylish.





Recycled UFO Upcycling

Recycled UFO Upcycling

Turtle backpack

This round backpack was specially designed to help you to transport your UFO drum around in style. It’s also perfectly fits laptop. Original, custom made Turtle bag is the perfect way to carry everything  you need, wherever you go!

The art of upcycling

UFO bags are handmade on the beautiful island of Bali, where nature and spirituality are a part of everyday life. On Bali, the locals live their lives with a respectful, careful attitude towards nature, and the same goes for our bags. Our UFO bags aren’t just stylish, they are also kind to the environment.

Attention! Be careful when wearing UFO Upcycling goods with light clothing. When wet, for example during rain, the clothes may become slightly dyed.

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    Fits UFO drum.

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3 reviews for “Turtle” backpack

  1. Laura

    A wonderful backpack. Fits my eco-style. Can be worn with linen and cotton clothing. Very roomy. I don’t have a UFO drum yet, but I have read a lot of reviews and it seems that soon my Turtle will be used for its intended purpose of holding a UFO drum.

  2. Mia

    I saw this design and I really wanted to buy such a bag for my UFO drum. It take me some time to finally get it, but now I do not part with my Turtle. It is roomy and does not lose shape. Even if I don’t take my UFO drum with me, I carry my UFO Turtle.

  3. Treen B.

    I like this with my Ufo “full moon”. Thank you!

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