Pure silk eye pillow

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Organic lavender eye pillow.

100% Handmade. Limited edition

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Silk & lavender.

Size 9,5×24 cm (3,75×9,5 inches)

Are your eyes worn out from eyestrain and overwork? Do you want to be able to relax better at the end of a yoga or meditation session? Restore your eyes with this soothing eye pillow. Made from natural silk for an instant cooling effect, this eye pillow filled with organic flax seeds and lavender buds from France.

This silk eye pillow was created by printing the detail of original painting with OM Symbol, surrounded by a mandala of Fibonacci spirals directly onto natural silk. The silk fabric was then cut and sewn.

OM Symbol.

The sound of OM encompasses all words, all sounds in human language. This symbol has many meanings, but largely symbol OM represents oneness and the interconnectedness of all beings. In this eye pillow symbol, OM is directly in front of your 3ed eye chakra, so it will help you to nourish your brain with the energy of oneness.

Love flows throughout every inch of this eye pillow, skillfully transferred to the luxurious natural silk you see here. It’s impossible to gaze at this image without feeling the anxiety flee from your body and mind, to be replaced with feelings restful contentedness and pure affection.

Eye pillow cover.

Natural 100% silk. Detail of original painting printed on natural silk. Printed face, finished back.

Inner pillow.

100% cotton cover. Organic flax seeds. Lavender bud from France.


Pure silk eye pillow. Organic lavender pillow. OM symbol pillow. Yoga pillow. Eye mask. 3D eye meditation pillow. Meditation silk pillow. Yoga gift. Aromatherapy gift.


Dry clean or hand wash in lukewarm water using natural soap or detergent designed for delicate fabrics. Rinse with cool water.

To dry, mop gently in a towel. Do not rub or wring!

Iron on middle setting when slightly wet.

Keep eye pillow cover away from chlorine.

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