Extra mallets
for UFO Drum

26 $

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Pair of two mallets made from bamboo with cloth-covered rubber ball head.

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Bamboo & rubber

Pair of two made from bamboo with cloth-covered rubber ball head.

Play it louder

The mallets help you to extract long and clear sound from your UFO Drum and play it louder.

It also will be needed for kids to do not stress little fingers and enjoy playing tank drum.

The stick made of bamboo, so it’s hard and environment-friendly, the head made out of soft rubber jumping ball and covered with soft material for extra strength and smooth sound.

Get New pair of sticks to play UFO Drum.

More UFO

UFO Drums

  • UFO recycled bag "Croissant"

    “Croissant” bag

    123 $

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    Eco-friendly, unisex cross shoulder bag.

    Fits UFO drum.

    Fits UFO drum.

    Upcycled from used car inner tubes. Lined with handmade Indonesian Batik.

    Unisex shoulder bag with adjustable straps, includes three inside pockets. Can be worn as crossbody or over the shoulder bag.

    Size: 33x63cm / 13x25in.

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  • UFO Jaw harp (vargan) - musical instrument

    Jaw harp – Vargan

    45 $

    A musical instrument consisting of a flexible metal “tongue” attached to a frame.

    This tongue is placed in the performer’s mouth and plucked with the finger to produce a note of constant pitch. Melodies can be created by changing the shape of the mouth and causing different overtones.

    • Comes with: wooden case
    • Features: original quality, clear sound, easy to use instrument, made in Altai, Russia
    • Material: brass, steel, array of cedar, leather cord
    • Size: 67x30x5 mm
    • Handcrafted: by Russian master

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  • Sale! UFO Drum "Sunrise" (Hank Drum, Steel Tongue Drum). Master / Mini (Travel edition).
    D Major

    UFO Drum “Sunrise Master” D Major

    340 $ 299 $

    Free delivery!

    Cheerful and uplifting. Created to energize! Wakes you up for a new amazing day. Kids choice.

    Created to energize!

    • Tonality: D Major
    • Notes: D E F# A B D E F#
    • Diameter: 27 cm / 11”
    • Weight: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lb
    • Comes with: Support ring, travel-friendly bag and a pair of mallets
    • Warranty: One year


    Just touch any tongue

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for UFO Drum”

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