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Happiness comes from within, from your heart. It’s also something that you can share with others, by encouraging them to look within themselves too. We think that meditation is a great way of bringing out those inner dreams, and letting them shine in your day to day life. Watch our video, you’ll understand why UFOdrum and Sasha Tovstik Silk decided to unite in order to fill the world with new colorful emotions- as well as organize this great giveaway!

After all, what we create helps you to take a step on the path to happiness- what could be more beautiful than extracting an intuitive, simple melody from within your subconscious, while walking barefoot in the sand wrapped int he finest silk? UFOdrums are not only a great instrument for yoga and meditation classes, but also for when you want to enjoy some relaxing time by yourself. The possibilities are endless, since every time you play, you’ll bring out a one-of-a-kind melody that gently empties your mind, and helps you to enter a state of complete relaxation.

And for the fashion designer Sasha Tovstik, the act of painting or creating a new dress is an ongoing act of meditation. When a woman dons one of Sasha Tovstik’s dresses, not only is her body surrounded by the comfort of pure and natural silk, but she’s also enshrined in a work of pure artistic creation, helping her to tune more fully into the universal rhythm that connects us all.

The prize drawing will be open from the 3st to the 13th of March, 2017


– UFOdrum
– Authentic silk tunic by Sasha Tovstik
– Aromatherapy authentic eye pillow by Sasha Tovstik
– As well as the top prizes, we’ll provide all participants with 10% off any purchase with a coupon code “UFOSILK” ( (for drums) and (for silk). These can be used until the 31st of March.

So, to get involved and be up for a chance of winning these great prizes, just follow these steps:

For Facebook:

Like our Facebook page, UFOdrum –
Like the page Art & Design by Sasha Tovstik –
Share our video on your account (making sure the post is set to “public”) using the hashtag #UFO_silk_dreams

For Instagram:

Simply follow
The winners will be chosen at random on the 14th of March, and we’ll post the winners right here- so make sure you check back to see if you’ve won!

And Special Prize!

You can also include a brief paragraph letting people know exactly what true happiness means to you. It could be a place where you feel totally at peace or something that brings you the strength you need to get through every day- whatever floats your boat! As our way of saying thank you for spreading your beautiful dreams, we will also be handing out a special prize to the person that we think has come up with the most soul-touching comment.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with our fantastic competition today- and good luck!

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