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UFO Drums

Awaken your inner musician!

Intuitive. Creative. Expressive: Playing Music Has Never Been so Easy.

Simply place your hands around one of our UFO Drums and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.

Just touch any tongue to play

Expert quality.

Professionally hand-tuned by percussion experts with over 20 years of experience in making musical instruments for the Royal Orchestra in Indonesia.

Anyone can play.

Specially tuned to provide easy playing and harmonious sound no matter what combination of petals are played or skill level of the player.

Sound healing benefits.

Tuned to provide energy healing, behavior and therapeutic benefits. Read more

Travel friendly.

Compact and lightweight design in two different size options Master and Mini make UFO Drums the ultimate companions for work, play or jamming.

UFO Upcycling

Made in purpose that affects our environment in a positive way and lives of our customers even more stylish.

Suntainably handmade in Bali.
Eco-friendly production.
Handmade from upcycled car tires.
Lined with Indonesian batik.
Built to last.
Unisex modern designs.
Jaw harp – Vargan

Jaw harp – Vargan

Ancient overtone instrument from Altai.

Can be used in Sound healing sessions and meditations. Enchanting sounds and vibrations will not leave you indifferent. 7 tunings available.

Original quality.
Clear sound.
Easy to use musical instrument.
Made in Altai, Russia.
Material: brass, steel, array of cedar.

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Upcycled motorcycle tires

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