UFO drum

UFO DRUM it is a modern musical idiophonic instrument from the same family as Tibetan singing bowls and Caribbean Steelpan. As well as its “big brother” Hand Pan.

Compare to hand pans UFO drums are affordable in price, smaller and lighter, and not fragile – these make it suitable for any user.

Simply place your hands around one of our UFO Drums and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.

UFO Upcycled Bags

Sustainably Made In Bali. 100% fair-trade, vegan, upcycled and hand-made from consciously sourced materials – waterproof upcycled motorcycle tires and cotton batik.


We select accessories for you from brands based on quality, style, function, uniqueness and ethics.


Vargan – This is overtone instrument like a didgeridoo and singing bowls can be used in sound healings and meditations.