UFO drum & Sasha Tovstik Silk

Happiness comes from within, from your heart. It’s also something that you can share with others, by encouraging them to look within themselves too. We think that meditation is a great way of bringing out those inner dreams, and letting them shine in your day to day life. Watch our video, you’ll understand why UFOdrum and Sasha Tovstik Silk decided to unite in order to fill the world with new colorful emotions- as well as organize this great giveaway!

After all, what we create helps you to take a step on the path to happiness- what could be more beautiful than extracting an intuitive, simple melody from within your subconscious, while walking barefoot in the sand wrapped int he finest silk? UFOdrums are not only a great instrument for yoga and meditation classes, but also for when you want to enjoy some relaxing time by yourself. The possibilities are endless, since every time you play, you’ll bring out a one-of-a-kind melody that gently empties your mind, and helps you to enter a state of complete relaxation.

And for the fashion designer Sasha Tovstik, the act of painting or creating a new dress is an ongoing act of meditation. When a woman dons one of Sasha Tovstik’s dresses, not only is her body surrounded by the comfort of pure and natural silk, but she’s also enshrined in a work of pure artistic creation, helping her to tune more fully into the universal rhythm that connects us all.

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It’s easy to play the UFO drum – it’s tuned so that every combination of the pedals sound together harmoniously (pentatonic scale). From the first touch, you will intuitively play delightful music. You should just relax, follow the rhythm flow and the music will come from you, filling a space with mystical sounds and healing vibrations. It is also a perfect instrument for meditation and sound healing.


UFO drum can be played with hands or with sticks. Place it on your lap, or on some soft surface to keep sound hole at the bottom open. The hit must be sharp, but not too strong. After a short contact with the surface of the instrument finger should “bounce up” like a tennis ball. The shorter is the time of contact with the surface – the longer the sound becomes and the overtones get richer. For beginners, the best way to start is to use a forefinger. Hit the surface of the drum with your fingertips, the place which normally used for the fingerprint. After a little practice, the notes played with fingers will become as loud and clear as if you are using steel tongue drum soft sticks.

User maintenance is simple, just wipe it sometimes inside and out with a natural oil to avoid corrosion. Protect from bumps and scratches. And enjoy it!

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