Purchase process

  • Order

    Choose and Order UFO Drum.
    Additionally, in your order, you can specify the Named gift card to the recipient.
    Please recheck all the input data. We want your order delivered exactly the right place.

  • Payment

    We accept payment through PayPal.
    If you do not have PayPal account, you can pay by credit card.

  • Packing

    Packing and shipping the order on the next working day.
    The drums are packed and shipped in a wooden box, which guarantee its safety.

  • Shipping

    Delivery charged extra depending on the country.
    The average delivery is from 3 to 9 days.

  • Happy Owner

    The drum will be delivered to your door the address you provided.
    Before delivery, the courier will call you on the phone.

Shipping Information

Shipping time varies depending on your location. We will ship your UFO Drum within 1-2 days after your online order.
For transit times and prices check-in Cart by Click on “Calculate Shipping.”
We are located in Ubud, Bali island, Indonesia.

Return Information

If there is an issue with shipping damage, a claim will be filed with the shipping company and a replacement will be sent immediately.
Returns are accepted within 14 days of initial shipping. The product must be returned in the condition it was received. Buyer pays for return shipping unless the incorrect item was shipped.

Warranty Information

We stand by our products and hold them to the highest standard and quality control.

To be eligible for our limited one-year warranty, please register your UFO Drum by clicking on the link here

If your UFO Drum will go out of tune (for more than + -10. At a temperature of +15 +30 C.) please send it back, we will tune it for no cost during limited one – year warranty. We will cover all shipping costs if we determine that it was manufacturing issue.

Instruments are accepted for reclamation claim with problems of going out of tune Discrepancies within this value are the norm and can depend on many indicators, in particular on temperature.

The causes of going out of tune ( more than+- 10 Hz) are usually from playing the drum too hard or by using drum mallets that are not designed for UFO drums. Also, shocks or temperature variations can be reasons for going out of tune. The metal is thin and these instruments require a particular attention when carrying them. Please do not use too much force when playing and also do not use different (hard) mallets that are designed for other types of instruments. Please use your UFO Drum with our guidelines – keep your instrument happy.

If any manufacturing issues occur with the drum, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help you through the warranty process.

The warranty covers all manufacturing issues but DOES NOT COVER:
– Normal wear and tear
– Accidental or Intentional damage caused by user
– Loss or theft of the product

We reserve the right to change our warranty policy at any time. We will notify our customers of any changes on our website.

Care For UFO Drum

User maintenance is simple, just wipe it sometimes inside and out with a natural oil to avoid corrosion. Protect from bumps and scratches.