UFO Upcycled Bags

Sustainably Made In Bali.
100% fair-trade, vegan, upcycled and hand-made from consciously sourced materials – waterproof upcycled motorcycle tires and cotton batik. / UFO bags come in all sorts of unique, fashionable designs, so whatever your style, you can choose a bag that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

On the outside, our bags are built to last and come in a range of great modern, futuristic designs. Made from tough, upcycled motorbike tires. We call it vegan “leather” – strong and waterproof material.

Piles of waste rubber tire

Inside, you’ll find soft, all-natural cotton Using in a mix with Javanese Handmade Batic so that everything inside stays nice and protected.
Whether you’re using your bag to transport your UFO drum to yoga, or strapped to your back while you take a motorbike ride across the country, you’ll know that your bag is keeping everything secure- and you’ll look ultra-cool, too!

UFO art-cycling Bags 100% vegan. made from upcycled motorcycle tires. 100% vegan. They are very strong, usable, quite big and waterproof. Inside we use Handmade native Javanese Batik.

UFO bags are handmade on the beautiful island of Bali, where nature and spirituality are a part of everyday life. On Bali, the locals live their lives with a respectful, careful attitude towards nature, and the same goes for our bags. Our UFO bags aren’t just stylish, they are also kind to the environment.


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