How To Play On UFO Drum Simple Melody [Lesson 2]

The second video of how to play on UFO drum will teach you to play a simple melody and timing.

Rhythm and timing

On the UFO drum you can not play the wrong note. But for play the beautiful and charming melody you need Keep The Rhythm. All our life and nature consist of rhythms and everything harmonious by its rhythms and timing.

Try the rhythm offered in the lesson, play it four times. Then try some other simple rhythm to make on the drum., For example Jingle bells). This small practice will help in your meditative improvisation for find the rhythm of your soul.

Differentiate your game with pauses or short notes.

Usually, at the beginning, everyone plays each hit with the same speed or with the same note length.
Try to diversify the notes.  Add shorter intervals in your playing, for example, play twice faster with one hand.

Also, you can add some pauses in the rhythm – for example, when you follow one rhythm, try to skip the 4th beat in it. Playing several times. After coming back to the normal scheme of the rhythm.Then try to skip the third beat.

Try to experiment with the rhythm and pauses.

We are happy to see how you play on the UFOdrum, upload your ideas and videos about “how to play the UFO drum” and share with us.

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