Become Our Partner

During the 4 years of UFOdrum producing we developed successful relationships with numerous yoga and meditation centers where we have same target group of clients.  We sell our instrument more than 15 countries around the world. Now we are looking to expand our market. We would like to offer you to become our partners and sell our UFOdrum on the consignment basis which will bring a good extra income to your business.

Here  are some ways how we can work together sharing positive vibes of UFO Drum around the World with your customers and friends:


The easiest method of spreading the magic of UFO drum is to join our Affiliate Partner Program.

After registration in Partner Program, you will get your personal referral link and all needed information. At your request, we can also make a discount coupon code that you can give to your clients or friends. When someone will buy UFO Drum on our website coming from your link or using your code you will get your reward of 20% of the order.
You can also share your cash back with your friend for a discount. If they use your coupon code for purchase, they will get 10 or 15 % OFF, as you will set it up. In this case, you will give your percentages to your customers. For example, you may provide a coupon for 10% to your friend and 10% will go for you.

To join this program you have to pass the registration by clicking the link below.

Affiliate Partner Program


By purchasing three or more drums at a time you are able to get wholesale prices. The more drums you buy at a time, the more discount you get. (see the table below)

Shipping costs are not included. Depending on your country laws and amount of drums ordering we can help you to choose the best way of shipping. We can also send you our printed materials and other marketing stuff.

As a bonus, we will place your contact information on our website as a distributor, so people from your country can buy UFO Drum directly from you.


Become our eCommerce affiliate partner and earn money referring customers.
We will relieve you from the costs of buying drums, from keeping the place in the warehouse and storing the drums correctly, packaging and shipping them.

We will do all work for you.


With the listing of our product, you will get pictures, banners, and all needed information.

When a person from your web store will buy our product you will send us the order data and we will ship UFO Drum to the customer’s address within 1-2 days.
We offer 2 types of delivery: EMC express mail from 3 to 7 days and regular airmail from 10 to 20 days. Both shipping methods will have a tracking number.

We will ship from the warehouse closest to your customer it will shorten the delivery time to a minimum. At the moment there are warehouses in Russia and Indonesia, the warehouse in America is coming.

You will receive your reward of 20% of the order.


If you already have a shop, yoga studio, online store or another place where you would like to sell UFO Drum but you are not ready to invest money we can offer you our drums under consignment.

We can send you our instruments with stylish wooden stand (if needed) and all additional instructions for a better understanding of our product.

Profit from consignment will be slightly less than from wholesales, however there
will be no risks for you.

To start working with us under consignment we will provide  a you minimum of 3 drums.

Please send us information about your store and we will be it touch regarding other details.

Please, let us know which way of partnership is interesting for you and we will get back to you with all needed information.

We want to bring more positive vibes to the world and we do that with UFOdrum. Looking forward to hear back from you and to start our partnership which will help to make the world a better place!

Please fill the form to request more info and start the collaboration.